Buying chips for gulls

Me and my wife are avid friends of Whitby.

We visit early September every year.

We particularly enjoy the variety of birdlife as we are keen ornithologists and have been for 40 years.

But on arriving this year we noticed a distinct lack of seagulls in and around the town.

We are wondering if there has been a cull?

When we visit we always buy an extra portion of chips to feed them as it is a common sight of tourists feeding them. To our amazement a young, unkempt ginger oath put a verbal barrage our way. I cannot mention the words used as it is a family newspaper.

We were disgusted with this as Whitby should look after its wildlife.

Would this person give abuse to someone feeding a swan or a duck - I don’t think so.

Seagulls are majestic birds that give off an aura of hope to all they swoop past.

Bryan Trowsdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland