Bus service still fails

It was very hard to believe the results of the survey commissioned by Arriva into levels of customer satisfaction when we are still experiencing regular non appearances of the 93 bus and when the fleet so obviously continues to have problems of lack of proper maintenance.

Although I endorsed the need for more information, that still does not meet the problem of what you do if you are relying on a particular bus to get to a vital appointment. I suggested to the meeting that for a trial period there should be an arrangement whereby Arriva fund the taxi fares of people who are stranded. It would only be in line with the kind of responsibility taken by the railways, and would go a long way to restoring public confidence in buses as a viable means of transport. The bonus would be that it would enable Arriva to have a very clear impression of the way in which people are affected by the failings of the bus service.

If we are going to face also the impending cuts, all the more reason to have a reliable and predictable service.

Jackie Fearnley, Goathland, by email