Brothels in Scarborough?

I found Mr Franks’ letter in regard to the possibility of potash mining in the Whitby area most interesting and his points puzzling to say the least.

He states that the mining will be carved out by robots, that no potash mine employs more than 300 staff, that a brothel would be established in Scarborough.

Well robotic mining is, I believe, not yet possible. Boulby Mine employs over 900 I believe and the possibility that a brothel could be established in a sweet, genteel and respectable town like Scarborough is quite beyond belief. Will the brothel be established by York Potash, we shall be told sir!

Finally I have to comment that mines can only be established where the desired mineral is locked, or so I have been told.

Whitby and East Cleveland areas deserve more decent worthwhile employment.

John Wiggins, Skelton Green, Saltburn