Bronze cross information

I may be able to throw a bit of light on the bronze cross found on Whitby beach (Friday 25 February).

I have one identical to the one pictured which I got in July 1957 for achieving life saving skills and resuscitation for water rescues. My name and date awarded are engraved on the back.

This was the third level of four which I took while a schoolboy between the ages of 12-15 years, the first being intermediate and elementary certificates. Next, bronze medallion, third bronze cross and finally the scholar instructor, where I had to successfully steer four first year pupils to achieve the intermediate and elementary certificates. I did all of these before leaving school (Redcar Lane Secondary Modern) at Redcar in 1958.

I am surprised that the Royal Life Saving Society could not give any information, surely they keep records, even though it is over 50 years since I did it.

I hope you are able to convey this information to Tony Miller, I am sure he will be glad to know a bit more about his find.

Alan M Franks, Cromwell Avenue, Loftus