Bring street back into 21st Century

The letter on disability unfriendly street in Whitby, cobbles and disability scooter - a daytime nightmare.

This isn’t the first time a letter on the subject of Scarborough Borough Councils user friendly cobbled streets has been published.

I had a letter published in the Whitby Gazette on the same issue about Staithes cobbled High Street on 22 March 2005.

In my letter North Yorkshire County Council’s answer says, the cobbles in Staithes were laid similarly to those in Whitby streets, that have caused few problems.

But Staithes single regeneration group which helped fund the scheme, said deep cracks were developing between the cobbles.

It was also noted that to lay strips on parts of the cobbles to accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs could cost as much as £100,000 at that time.

Whitby’s highways depots reply was, there is no easy answer, we are not in the business of ripping up huge areas of cobbles which aren’t defective but at that time there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the originals so why take them up.

I am lead to believe (how true I don’t know) there is a product on the market which can be laid between the cobbles leaving them clearly visible and non slip that would surely be a marked improvement to the uneven surface we now have better for the general public at large.

Surely this can be investigated by our Scarborough Borough Council to see if there is such a seal available as something needs to be done to alleviate this very serious long-standing problem.

I wonder how many such incidents as Brenda Green’s goes unreported.

So show us Scarborough Borough Council how much you care for the disabled and youngsters in pushchairs who have to grin and bear it whilst being juggled along these streets.

Winifred Craig, Cliff Road, Staithes