Bridge works a joke

I hope they’ll be re-opening the swing Bridge on the first of April so that we can all enjoy the joke.

And after we have chuckled at the massive sum of money wasted by widening the pavement by a mere 10 inches, we could all wander over to the West Side and gather round, cackling with glee as they amuse us by raising and lowering the electric bollard on Pier Road (remember that?).

Finally, with tears of mirth in our eyes, we could turn and look up river to the new bridge which could carry all the motor traffic from one side of the river to the other and allow the swing bridge, never designed for modern traffic and in the absolute centre of the tourist area, to be pedestrianised.

Oh how we’ll laugh! Until until one crowded, sunny day someone gets run over on the Swing Bridge and killed.

M Wray by email