Bridge woes

Regarding ongoing articles on the possible pedestrianisation of the swing bridge.

Whilst I agree in principle that a solution should be reached, I would like to point out, that the photographic examples of the “brainless zombies” wandering across bear no real significance to the point being made.

In the publication dated 11 February, the photo used was quite clearly taken at the moment the gates had been opened after allowing a vessel through. For as long as I can remember, pedestrians have an accepted right of way at that point, which explains the situation in that photo.

Shortly after it was taken, traffic would have been allowed over and the normal flow would have resumed.

On another occasion a photo was used from the celebrations of the bridges’ birthday. At some point, both gates were closed, songs were sung, dedications made. Gates were opened and from one end people made a ceremonial walk across. This was very easy to spot as they were all walking in the same direction.

I agree that in summer and most weekends the town and bridge are very busy, but the examples shown have been to the extreme and, in my limited opinion, do not truly reflect regular usage.

Colin J Winspear, Windsor Terrace, Whitby by email