Boundary line should not be moved

After reading in the Whitby Gazette that S Harrisons were applying to get the building boundary line moved so they can build houses inside Sneaton Castle Grounds, I thought I would write and tell you what S Harrison’s representative said at the first Tesco meeting at the castle.

I asked him if Tesco don’t get the go-ahead would you still carry on trying to get houses built in here and straight away he said - no Tesco no houses.

I personally have nothing against building a reasonable amount of houses around Whitby as long as they are built in the right place. It is so blatantly obvious to me that building houses inside Sneaton Castle boundary walls, directly in front of the castle and only 150 metres from the castle is the wrong place.

I just can’t believe anyone in authority would even consider moving the building line.

If a building firm was applying to get boundary lines moved so that they could build houses inside Scarborough Castle grounds or Mulgrave Castle grounds it wouldn’t even get considered.

If it was around April they would probably think it was an April Fool, so why should it be different in Whitby’s castle grounds.

Instead of throwing this ridiculous idea straight out, our council will probably talk about it for a few months and cost the tax payer more money and then probably decide it’s the wrong place after all.

I can think of at least a dozen good reasons why the building boundary line should not be moved, I just hope Scarborough Borough Council planning committee can think of half a dozen.

Trevor Hardy, Mayfield Road, Whitby