Boulby is not a blot on the landscape

The National Park must say ‘no’ to project - letters Whitby Gazette, 4 January.

I read with real interest the above letter and I am of the opinion that we are all entitled to our own views on the new potash mine development.

But what I take umbridge at is the remark that Boulby Potash Mine is “without doubt a blot on the landscape”. It most certainly is not.

Having been born and brought up in Staithes before the mine was developed and knowing the area well in its original state, if you call the spoil heaps from the former alum works, clearly visible and knowing of the old Grinkle Ironstone Mine just adjacent to this later mine, a blot on the landscape, then sorry for the writer.

This mine is well laid out and well kept.

The mine entrance is not an eyesore, it is wide open and sweeps up to a well kept car park and green area, to offices which are low and unobtrusive.

The gym which is higher is well designed and fits into the landscape as we believe it or not does the tall chimney.

Nothing is out of place and is very easy on the eye.

Bearing in mind this mine has brought much needed work to this area and great care has been taken to design this site.

I quite frankly think it is a credit to the architect involved and like to think it was designed by a woman, as obviously great care has been taken to make this mine so unobtrusive to the landscape.

I personally wish York Potash success in their venture this area certainly needs the work.

Winifred Craig, Cliff Road, Staithes