Boat builders to be proud of

I have a flat on Windsor Terrace and from my window I can see Parkol boat yard across the water.

Each time a boat is built I see this rusty coloured frame which is welded into shape and looks so ugly. Then it is covered over for months by a portable frame and canvas and it is not seen again until the work is finished.

The first time I saw a beautiful boat emerge I was stunned so now I watch each time a new boat is launched and I know when I see the giant crane appear we are in for a treat.

To be able to see the finished boat in all its glory and see it lifted into the water is remarkable.

The boat being built now is large and although it was just a big bulk of brown metal I haven’t seen it since but I’m looking forward to the day they remove the tenting over it.

I am proud to live here in Whitby when I see such fine workmanship for the workmen on these crafts create such a thing of beauty and I want to say to the workmen at Parkol “Well done“ all of you.

V Moncaster, Windsor Terrace, Whitby.