Bikers created a ‘horror scene’

Today to me it seemed like a big horror scene in town, it was very frightening doing our shopping.

There were that many bikes we could hardly move, they were parked all over pavements, outside pubs, hotels etc.

I thought there was no parking on pavements, but this does not seem to apply in this town.

I did not see one policeman at all while we were out.

There were crowds outside all the pubs, drinking and we had to get by.

While trying to cross over to the Co-op to shop, people were waiting to get over the road to and from where the car park entrance is for all the bikes to come in and out.

Whitby smelt absolutely awful of fumes from the bikes, it was totally unhealthy.

I was talking to some people in a shop, a charity shop, they were saying they felt they could not work with the door open, because the fumes were getting on their chest, to me it seems so unfair when they are working on a nice warm day like it was.

The noise from these machines went through your head, it was like a living hell and I think it’s not right that people who live here should have to live like this and more so at Easter time when it should be peaceful.

I do beg the council to do something about these matters, the council could have made a lot of money today for parking on pavements.

Mrs J Thornton, Church Street, Whitby