Benefits to Whitby from Potash Mine?

Regarding your extensive article on the proposed potash mine.

I now understand this development is to be carried out relatively close to Whitby and not to close to Scarborough as originally intended.

So all the benefits and more importantly the dis-benefits of this project now fall into Whitby’s lap.

Whilst it is difficult to challenge the cost benefits trotted out by the company’s top personnel, the old expression, it’s too good to be true, rings out loud and clear.

Will they really create many thousands of jobs indirectly as well as directly? I think not.

May I also enquire whether the boom created will be as apparent as the one in East Cleveland when Boulby opened.

It must have been the smallest boom in history.

A project hidden by trees would be acceptable to most people, however grudgingly. But a project visible from all points of the compass is not.

Where are all the people who are coming to work on this project going to live?

Is it really a coincidence that the council is frantically trying to gobble up every green space in town for extra housing with no regard for the feelings of and concerns of local people. What about the effect of the dramatic increase of traffic on the roads. There is no reference to these important and relevant aspects of this project.

Most importantly, consider the effects of introducing heavy industry into the National Park.

Thousands of people come here each year to enjoy what we are lucky enough to have access to all the time.

The livelihoods of large numbers of local people are dependant upon this, far more than would gain employment from this proposed project.

Just ask yourselves the question, would I go to an area with heavy industry for my holiday?

The answer for me I’m afraid would be no.

David Martin, High Hawsker, Whitby