Bemused by schools merger article

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I am bemused by your front page article “Schools Merger back on Agenda” and subsequent letters, since they seem to assume that North Yorkshire County Council is driving forward plans to merge the three secondary schools in Whitby.

This is not the case.

The only people who can take forward a federation of schools are the governing bodies themselves.

We have discussed with all three governing bodies, over some years, the destination they could reach.

We have described what would be involved and carried out a public consultation on their behalf.

In the event, they did not go ahead.

My understanding is that there is not agreement between the schools at present about restarting the process and we respect their wishes.

If they reopen the matter themselves and seek our advice or support, we stand ready to help – but it is a local matter first and foremost.

Cllr Arthur Barker

Executive Member for Schools

North Yorkshire County Council, by email