Behaviour not confined to Whitby

I read with some amusement the letter from Mr SC Stanford regarding the night-time disturbances in Whitby.

So obviously he lives in a perfect place with no young people who love to hoon around. Wouldn’t we all like to find this Nirvana?

I find it hard to believe that only in Whitby do young idiots race around in large noisy cars.

Come off it Mr Stanford. I’ve lived in Australia for the last 30 odd years and strangely exactly the same sort of behaviour you describe occurs in my suburb of Melbourne (and many others) and is not confined to Whitby.

I can’t even blame Scarborough Council for this one Mr Stanford (much as I’d like to) but maybe we should all take a look at the way we’ve allowed our children to get out of control. We baby-boomers have much to answer for.

Stephen N McCabe, Australia by email