Bees should be encouraged

Don’t you think householders adjacent to Caedmon School should learn a little about bees before flying into a panic.

Unlike wasps, bees do not sting unless threatened, as if they sting they die.

Bees fly within a three miles radius, so any hive within this area could swarm into their gardens and there are quite a lot of bee keepers around Whitby.

The main purpose of bees is to pollinate.

Honey is a by-product, without bees we would have no food.

Albert Einstein worked out that if there were no bees the world as we know, it would cease to exist in four years, so if they want to see their families starve carry on opposing.

As bees have been in decline for some years, new keepers should be encouraged.

PH Bowden, Stakesby Road, Whitby, a bee-keeper for 30 years