Beautiful Whitby area ‘made to look like a rubbish dump’

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I am an upright member of the community who lives in the village of Lythe near Whitby. I have to travel up and down Lythe Bank every day.

I am frequently angered and infuriated by the amount of litter I notice on the footpath of the hill and in the grass verges.

There are often empty bottles, drinks cans, food packets, chocolate wrappers and all sorts of other debris which is thrown from passing vehicles.

This thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour by some motorists makes a beautiful area look like a rubbish dump.

The other day I saw a driver throw out an empty energy drink can into the road (Red Bull) - this was half way up the hill.

I’ve noticed the same brand of can on the hill on numerous occasions - presumably it’s the same driver throwing out his empty can every time that he passes.

Perhaps a shopkeeper knows who this might be as he must buy a can every morning?

On another day the mother of a family in a car threw out sandwich wrappers onto the grass bank - and this in front of her young children.

What kind of example is this to her kids?

What kind of planet can she want them growing up on?

Last week walking on my own down from Lythe to Sandsend I ended up collecting a carrier bag full of litter. I suppose I could do this every day and solve the problem, but I don’t really have the time.

The council could collect it every day obviously, or volunteers - but why should they? The simple solution is for people not to throw litter from cars. Those that are caught out polluting our streets with litter should face hefty fines.

Their behaviour is a disgrace.

I hope that drivers, and indeed all people, will become more considerate and more caring about their environment.

There is only one world - so why spoil it?

Chris Firth

High Street