Beach huts are a rip off

Yet again Scarborough Borough Council have excelled themselves again.

My mother has a seasonal beach hut and has done for the last four to five years. The price is extortionate for what you get.

When a few of the huts got washed away a few years back, they shortened the season by a month, even though they started putting them up weeks ago but kept the price the same (no surprise there then).

They have to make up in their failings in other departments so keep slapping the money on the good old folk of Whitby, easy pickings - £455 is quite frankly a rip off for what you get. Do Scarborough chalets get electric?

The lift situation just about sums Scarborough Council up, full stop. And the state of the old toilets are just disgusting.

They just keep piling the money into Scarborough but not Whitby,

Ahh but they want to take it from us don’t they, and while we’re on the subject, they widen the paths on the old bridge (so people have more chance of getting knocked over) - what is needed is railings. But oh no, they would much rather waste what money does actually come to Whitby on new railings on a bridge that doesn’t need them.

If Scarborough Council was a boy scout group they would certainly have gained their clown and muppet badge by now and plenty of them.

Pull your fingers out and get the money shared our way, or you could just waste it like you always do on yourselves, you’re very good at that.

Scarborough Borough Council - you’re as much use as a mayor’s car.

C Jackson, Abbeville Avenue , Whitby by email