Be sceptical about Tesco

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I note that S Harrison Developments is seeking to persuade the council to make space for new houses.

I note also that the developer has been involved in an attempt to bring Tesco, a petrol station, sheltered accommodation and a medical type “facility” that was undefined in last week’s report.

Tesco is arguably the most unpleasant retail thug in history. The big food retailers will buy land through nominees simply to prevent other retailers from opening a shop. Their expansion programmes are aggressively ambitious. The carrot dangled is that additional jobs will be created, the area surrounding the development will be improved and “facilities” provided.

Do not be fooled by this. The last thing on their mind is the well being of Whitby or the feelings of its residents. Be sceptical. Do not instantly accept that the rejected proposal is the last you will hear of it.

Do not let the developers tell you what Whitby needs. The residents of the town are quite capable of deciding what is needed through their councillors. The developers see only huge profits and dividends and care little of what happens to a community as long as their pockets can be filled.

Councillors should be aware and scrutinise land and property sales for signs that all is not as it may seem. There is plentiful evidence of councils being caught napping and having to pay the legal costs of developers whose applications are refused and have to go to appeal.

John Nock, Charlton Avenue, Whitby by email