Award is total disgrace

I have just read the article in the Whitby Gazette regarding former town mayor Ada Myers.

What a total disgrace and insult to award a dignified lady 25p rise on her meagre state pension.

Of course David Cameron MP did not answer her question. I doubt that he even read the letter, but the Department for Work and Pensions explained the 25p increase for the over 80s was implemented in 1971 when the value of the pension was £6; they go on to explain that in real terms with today’s basic pension the increase should be £3.80.

If that is the case then why do they not honour that increase and give the over 80s the real increase of £3.80.

MP Robert Goodwill, on the other hand, did stick his neb in stating that pensioners get a great package, listing free TV licenses at age 75, concessionary travel passes and winter fuel allowances.

Is the same Robert Goodwill who has an MP’s basic salary of £66,000 per annum; the same Robert Goodwill who in 2009/10 claimed over £51,000 in expenses?

Goodwill bought a London flat for £295,000 in March 2006. He moved into rented accommodation in April 2012 and claims over £1,400 a month for rental. He transferred the property into RW Goodwill Property Division and now derives a rental income from the taxpayer-funded flat, as per his register of Interests, as I understand it and they may correct me if I am wrong.

Next year MPs are being awarded an extra £10,000 onto their salary. No wonder the Department of Work and Pensions can only afford to give the over-80s 25p.

James White

Rosedale Close, Whitby