Atmospheric Whispers

I recently attended a play “Whispers in the graveyard” at Caedmon School.

This was performed by members of Whitby Schools Youth Theatre and directed by 17 year old WCC student Catherine Heward.

The minimalistic set was very atmospheric, as most of the play was set in a graveyard.

Miss Heward had designed and made the costumes to depict the gravestones.

Back in the present I particularly liked the projected scenes of tall modern buildings as they are today.

The part of “dad” was very well played by 15 year old Jake Allinson and 14 year old Katy Canty competently played bossy Miss Tolmur.

The enthusiasm of the whole cast was good to see and a credit to Miss Heward’s hard work.

Barbara Fewster, Argyle Road, Whitby