Astounded at council cleaners and refuse collectors

Through the pages of the Whitby Gazette my wife and I would like to congratulate Scarborough Borough Council.

We were out at 7.30am and were astounded to see an abundance of council cleaners and refuse collectors.

I pondered that the Regatta is due this weekend but doubted the council would send out such a large workforce in advance, and we have thankfully not suffered from the riots many parts of the country has experienced.

My good lady then put me right, proclaiming that it was in all likelihood all for the Whitby in Bloom campaign?

It was of course nice to see the cleaning teams hard at work giving the town a much needed spruce up. One has to wonder though, if the council can facilitate such a large turnout of cleaners, why can’t it be done more often.

One only has to wander around the town during the weekends to witness refuse bins full to bursting with no sign of a cleaner or refuse wagon in sight.

If the council in its infinite wisdom can arrange for the town to look clean and tidy for a competition then surely it can do so throughout the summer, what sort of a reputation does it generate when people are faced with litter dropping onto the floor because the bins are not emptied enough.

It is easy to see when our local treasured cleaner ‘Keith’ is off work because Church Street is soon awash with uncleared rubbish.

Colin Brittain, Church Street, Whitby by email