Ashamed to be human

On Saturday afternoon at 4.15pm I was ashamed to be a human being.

The Grand National race was a scene of carnage for horse and rider at nearly every fence.

I had planned not to watch the race, my only form of protest, however during the day much was made of safety alterations to the course and suitability of horses - so watch it I did.

I am not a Health and Safety idiot, I’ve had ponies many years and know the ups and downs of horse owning - That race was sheer horror for many of the horses involved. The number taking part should be halved, the fences lowered and landing made easier - some horses have never seen fences like that before.

The horse is a noble animal and in competition will always be at risk - we know there will always be an unfortunate accident but there was pure disregard for the horse to provide entertainment for a crowd of shrieking mob like fellows.

Jane Meadham, Stakesby Manor, Whitby