Article contains misleading claims

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Your article entitled,” River to provide green energy for Ruswarp”, published on 25 May contains two misleading claims.

The first is that the hydro will save 1,500 tonnes of carbon emissions in 20 years.

What Esk Energy seem not to know, or wish to reveal, is the carbon footprint of the production of the raw materials, the fabrication of the equipment, the transport and construction of the hydro generation complex! I suspect if the truth were known it may have to run for 20 years before it became carbon neutral.

The second is the claim that the scheme incorporates a “state of the art fish pass, in addition to an existing fish pass”. True as far as it goes!

I assume the ‘state of the art pass’ referred to is the original fish pass installed in the 1960s which, in addition to providing the £210,000 rescue package for the scheme, the NYMNP are paying to modify.

The second fish pass referred to can only be what is known as the baulk pass, the lowest point on the top of the weir, which can only be used by fish of a certain size, at certain water levels, at certain water temperatures and is frequently obstructed by debris washed down stream.

A similar scheme proposed for the River Itchen has recently been withdrawn as it was deemed to be,” incompatible with the EU Habitats Directive” due to the potential environmental impact on the river, in particular the Atlantic salmon!

Stewart Bates, Glaisdale by email