Arrivederci to Arriva

So Arriva are to cut several bus services from July.

Reported Whitby Gazette Friday 25 May, from July?

Well you could have fooled me and no doubt, all other hopeful passengers who use the 91 service. For this service has been reduced many times, particularly the 8.55am. Oh and on occasions many others during the day. Before bus passes were issued the 91 service supplied three buses each hour, when bus passes were issued this was reduced to two. Now for the past year passengers waiting for the 91 are on many occasions waiting one hour. Also there are two warden controlled estates on the 91 route.

Furthermore, some pea-brained person sitting at a desk decided to couple the 91 route with the 95 route Sleights, and we, who reside here know, that traffic on this road is horrendous particularly during the spring and summer months also weekends autumn and winter.

Oh we all realise that the cuts reported are due to this wonderful government refusing to subsidise.

But I am writing as (I have done before) regarding the poor service Arriva is given to passengers using the 91 route, I dread to think of the cuts in July. We who use the 91 service will probably be stuck down town until dark with the shopping and items purchased for the freezer have probably all defrosted. Oh sorry Arriva have already cut out this evening 91 service. We will need to use a taxi, what’s the use of a bus pass when there’s no blooming buses.

Time we said Arrivederci to Arriva and this wonderful government.

Mary Marsden Storr. Runswick Avenue, Whitby