April Fools joke

When I read the front page of the Gazette (16 March) I had to check the date.

I thought it was 1st April.

The gulls are not being fed, they just swoop down to eat what people throw down rather than put in the bins, the gulls keep the streets clean.

I am sick of reading about what can we do about the seagulls.

They are part of Whitby, a seaside town, anyone who doesn’t agree don’t come to Whitby or move out of it.

I am Whitby born and bred, I feed all the birds, seagulls, they are beautiful birds, not flying vermin.

No-one is going to tell me not to feed them.

Coun Noreen Wilson, when you go to council meetings can’t you propose better things to do like see to the piers, the lighthouse, more public toilets, etc, etc. I could go on. I think your plan for a by-law is a load of rubbish.

Olive Elwick, Abbots Road, Whitby