Apologising for an ‘error’

May I use your newspaper to apologise for my error on Tuesday evening.

As my partner and I got out of our car at West Cliff by the swimming pool green we let our dogs out of the car.

As we did so a lady lost hold of her dogs lead so I rushed to grab it before it went on the road.

During this time one of my dogs must have defecated on the grass unbeknown to me and my partner.

We continued our walk and on return to the car discovered that someone had left a note on my car telling me and my partner that we were morons.

They had also smeared the dog mess over the door handle.

I always carry bags and I’m annoyed that I missed my dog messing.

I don’t understand why the person could not have shouted at me that my dog had messed so that I could have picked it up.

Instead they went to the trouble of writing a rude note, picking up the mess and putting it on my car.

If my actions are moronic, I’m not sure what this person’s were!

Alan Dendy, Field Close, Whitby