Any help appreciated

My name is Brad Seaman and I live in Ingleby Barwick near Yarm in Teesside.

For many years I have regarded Whitby as my favourite place in the world.

When I was a child we holidayed at Hawsker near Robin Hoods Bay.

I was always interested in the disused railway which ran close by.

It was many years later I looked into its history.

It was then that I decided to delve deeper (circa 1988).

I decided to build a model of the west cliff railway station because the buildings were still intact.

The planning began in earnest. Unfortunately marriage stopped it. Twenty three years later construction of the model began. Two years later it’s at quite an advanced state.

I now have one or two issues with what the area looked like in the mid 1950s which is when the model is set.

I have lots of books and literature of the area but as you are probably aware this never gives the “full picture”.

In particular the areas of Spring Vale rail bridge, the goods yard and housing at that time around the station.

I did attend a lecture at Pannett Park Museum about the railway back in April last year which was quite informative.

If any of your archives or readers have any information that may help I would be extremely grateful. Photo, verbal or anything else for that matter.

Please check out the images attached and see for yourself.

The model will be at the Cleveland Model Railway Exhibition at Redcar College 3rd and 4th August.

I would appreciate any feedback about the model if at all possible.

If there’s any people “old enough” they could make a comparison!

Brad Seaman, by email