Another journey from hell

Arriva, Arriva - what a name for a bus company which never seems to be able to keep to its advertised timetable, or on occasions, never to arrive at all.

I would like to assure Adrian Storr of Seton Garth, Staithes, that his horrendous journey and all his comments, bad time keeping, ancient, uncomfortable buses, cold and draughty, hot and stuffy, noisy, dirty, utterly bone-shaking suspension and breaking down continually, is nothing new.

In June 2009 I wrote a letter, published in the Whitby Gazette, on exactly the same problems that you have just experienced. I followed this up with copies of my letter to the following parties.

The Traffic Commissioner, North East Leeds; The Department of Transport and Bus Appeals Body via Bus Users UK; and my letter was passed to the Bus Compliances Northern Investigation Team in Livingston, Scotland, but sadly nothing appears to have improved in the last two years.

Your remarks about the X4 turnaround interested me as we had in the 1940s and 50s a turnaround point for buses at Runswick Bay.

Those were the days when public service providers did exactly that - they provided a reliable bus service - something sadly lacking in this supposedly advanced mechanical and communication era.

I for one do not have any confidence in there being an improvement in the near future by these service providers. Let us just hope I am proved wrong.

Winifred Craig, Cliff Road, Staithes