An April Fool’s joke?

Is it April Fool’s Day or something?

‘Whitby’s streets among cleanest in country’

Surely this article has been made up for us all to laugh about!

How the council can claim this award is testament to the hard work they put in is a complete fabrication of the truth, just as the Blue Flag is a paid for (by us, the taxpayer) so is this latest Clean Britain Five Star Award, simply put, the council fills in an online application form, submits it’s payment and hey presto an award is issued.

Just like a cars MOT the award is issued on what is said/seen on that day, the rest of the year the place is not far short of a national disgrace, litter and dog mess on each and every street corner, bins overflowing, roads unswept for weeks on end.

Whitby should be treated as Scarborough Borough Council’s jewel in the crown, year in, year out people from around the world flock here in their thousands and fall in love with it’s unchanged charm yet what does the council do, nothing except let it rot and decay.

Come on tell me it’s a wind up, because it is nowhere near the truth!

Darron Carnall, Whitby by email