Amplified music stress

I was under the impression that amplified music had been banned from Whitby town centre and that the ban had in fact come into force.

What I have just seen makes a nonsense if this ban; a genuine Irish family of musicians packing up and leaving because their music has been drowned out by the usual rubbish of people jigging ‘puppets’ up and down on sticks to the accompaniment of Bob Marley songs coming from a loudspeaker outside the bank.

The genuine folk music was unamplified and it was beautiful, but yet again the electronic junk wins out.

When are these laws, which are designed for everybody’s peace, quiet and stress levels, actually going to be upheld in practice?

Unamplified music can be listened to, then if you want you can walk away, while amplified music can pester people within half a mile radius with no escape.

Miss P Hodges

Corners Terrace, Whitby