Aggressive street collecting

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I was enraged and disgusted of the abusive and threatening behaviour that a leader of some dancers at Dock End hurled at a collector on behalf of Greyhound Gap - a charity saving lives of abandoned greyhounds nationally.

I was stood near the collectors and their dogs when he approached them and demanded they move to another area because all of Dock End was theirs for the use of.

It was folk week and they had no right to be there collecting for a charity, even after looking at some paperwork the charity collector produced for him to read.

His deliberate attempt to force them away was obvious to all, as he moved the dancers from quite a few yards away to within inches of the dogs faces.

I was later told that if not for the naturally docile nature of greyhounds the outcome could have been serious.

During the last 40 years I have been heavily involved with charities nationwide and taken part in and organised street collections throughout the North East.

These so called collectors, made my blood boil, forcing their way between people, talking to the dog charity collectors and brandishing the collection buckets in their faces, shaking the buckets and approaching people watching was quite frightening.

Do they not know that shaking buckets and approaching people in that way has been illegal now for many years and is classed as abusive and threatening behaviour and if not adhered to all licences are to be revoked.

Or are they above the law as they seem to think they are?

Whitby does not need this type of publicity.

Kenneth Probst

Windsor Terrace, Whitby