Aggressive impatient drivers in Ruswarp

Your article regarding the recent accident on Ruswarp High Street highlighted the ongoing issues residents of the high street face on a daily basis.

We live next to Colin Duck’s shop and our front door and communal passage door open directly onto the two foot wide (approximately) pavement.

When we attempt to leave the property we are regularly confronted by vehicles of all sizes using the pavement as an extension to the road.

During the recent gas mains work the situation was worse than ever, I have taken photographs of a camper and BT vehicle mounting the pavement and driving towards me as I tried to enter our home, neither seemed to be concerned by my obvious presence or right of way and only returned to the road when I refused to move.

The driver of the camper asked through his open window why I didn’t get out of his way.

I have asked questions in the past of the police and North Yorkshire Council’s (NYCC) Traffic Department, the police admitted that at the time Whitby had a speed gun but no trained officers, and little could be done, and NYCC suggested the average speed on the high street was only 22mph. They did not divulge how many cars regularly exceed the speed limit or acknowledge the poor position of their monitoring device at the narrowest part of the road and the chicane effect has on average speeds.

I am only aware of one visit by North Yorkshire Police’s much heralded high tech accident reduction vehicle; perhaps it is time for a more structured and sustained presence of this deterrent. I would challenge whoever is responsible of traffic management in Ruswarp to stand as I often do outside my home and not feel threatened by aggressive and impatient drivers, the fear of locals is that it is only a matter of time before a more serious accident than the one you reported occurs or worse a fatality occurs and then action will be taken.

Dennis Gill, High Street, Ruswarp