Action lacking from councillors

I have just read with interest the letter from your writer Neil Salter, entitled - Let us make a parade reality (Whitby Gazette Friday 21 January).

His summary of Terry Jennison’s total lack of interest and inability to communicate is in essence accurate to the hilt.

I started a campaign with my first letter to the Gazette on 16 January 2010, at the same time I wrote a letter to the Mayor Terry Jennison requesting the same, to date I have never received a reply, I phoned Terry Jennison at a later date reminding him of my letter and reminding him that he had not bothered to reply, his response was completely negative, he dismissed the idea by stating it was not up to him, it was up to Scarborough.

After travelling to Scarborough last summer to welcome the Green Howards at their freedom march through the town (on their return from active service in Afghanistan) I noticed our illustrious town mayor was in attendance in all his regalia, I wrote my second letter to the Gazette.

The Whitby Gazette is offering full support and is working with me to get this Freedom Parade in our Town.

On 12 January (last week) I sent this email (copied below) to all 17 Whitby Town Councillors, the email read as follows - “Over the last year or so I have been campaigning to get Whitby Town to offer the (Freedom of the Town) to the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, formerly (Green Howards)

“This is our local regiment and has been so since 1874 when the famous infantry regiment arrived in Yorkshire.

“The Regiment was raised in 1688 by Sir Frances Lutrell and became the 2nd Yorks only two years ago.

“Almost every born and bred Whitby resident has some family connection with the regiment and especially the survivors of both great wars but more recently the Gulf and Afghanistan wars.

“Most towns in Yorkshire have already given the freedom to this great Yorkshire regiment including Redcar, Malton, Richmond and Scarborough.

“The freedom of the town allows the regiment to march through the town with military band and fixed bayonets, we missed out when the regiment returned from conflict last year; I hope we do not miss out after their next active service tour.

“I am myself a third generation Green Howard after serving in the regiment from 1959 to 1968 serving in Germany, Libya, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaya.

“The Whitby Gazette are backing my cause so please councillors, show the people of Whitby that you also care and offer the regiment the freedom of the town which they have for so long deserved.”

After sending the above email to each of the 17 Whitby town touncillors only two individual town councillors have had the courtesy to reply Dr Stacy Daniels by email and Coun Mike Murphy by telephone both pledge to support the campaign.

Mike Murphy advises me that after further investigation he has discovered that our town has already granted the Green Howards the freedom of the town together with the borough of Scarborough.

All the town council have to do now is contact the regiment and invite them to include Whitby in their future freedom marches, this is not really such an odious task for anyone to do.

I find it is the epitome of ignorance to ignore emails, there is no excuse for bad manners and when you are in a position as an elected town councillor there is no place for complacency.

We the electorate put them into local authority, we the electorate bought their laptops, we the electorate pay their internet charges and they have not got the decency or courtesy to reply.

Is there any wonder why we the electorate have no confidence in this pitiful non caring uninterested bunch?

James White, Rosedale Close, Whitby