A Whitby disgrace

I recently visited Whitby for a few days with friends.

This was not the first visit for any of us for the town has considerable charm, good places to eat and provides an ideal base for walking.

We were however appalled by the extensive dog fouling of footpaths - both those adjoining the highway and paved footpaths.

On a walk from Cleveland Terrace up to the high level bridge, down Spital Bridge and Church Street to the swing bridge on the east side, there were no less than 14 quite fresh deposits and these were often central to the footpath.

The town area was somewhat better but far from clean of dog mess. Given the location, one would suspect the irresponsible dog owners here were not visitors.

This must surely be a nightmare for young families with children for apart from the mess and unpleasantness, it brings health risks.

Whitby was, we all believed, by far the dirtiest town any of us had seen for years as far as dog fouling was concerned. This cannot be good for Whitby and the need for the town to attract tourists and holiday makers. We are regrettably unlikely to return for some time and believe many others would feel the same.

What, one wonders, if anything, does the local council do to try and prevent this very unpleasant nuisance? Whatever it is it is hardly effective. Could more be done? There would appear to be few of the signs erected by other local authorities reminding people that dog fouling is an offence and there would appear to be few receptacles in which to deposit this obnoxious material. And patrols and fining offenders is necessary but with such patrols one suspects necessary early in the morning or late in the evening when the numerous dog walkers are particularly noticeable.

Come on Whitby - local people and Whitby Council - you surely need to take steps jointly to stamp out this disgusting irresponsible and unacceptable behaviour. Next time you see this happening should you just walk by rather than having a word with the offender?

William Hallam, Garden Walk, Rotherham