A welcome effort for police operation

I would like to express my pleasure in seeing a ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) operation being carried out in Whitby.

It seems rare these days to see a traffic officer in Whitby so this operation has been a welcome effort by North Yorkshire Police.

Like many of your readers I’m sure, I am of the opinion that if I have to pay road tax, insure my vehicles, pay duty on Diesel and have a valid MOT why should a minority avoid this financial burden.

Well done to the Eastern Area Road Policing Group of North Yorkshire Police and I hope to see you all again soon in Whitby. Lets all hope that you had success in rounding up the pest that is the seemingly growing population of people who chose to fit bean cans to their exhaust system in place of silencers and frequently disregard the town speed limits too.

Steve Canning, Upgang Lane, Whitby by email