A Walk Through Bethlehem

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Through your newspaper, I would like to thank the organisers of “The Walk Through Bethlehem” which was held on Saturday 17 December at Eskdale School.

My family, including my grandchildren attended and we had a most magical time.

We were transported back in time from beginning to end.

Firstly we were welcomed by a Roman soldier, then we entered into a leather shop where you could make the most marvellous bracelets, then into a shop where we could make our own bath products, then went on to make “The Star Of David” as a decoration for our own personal tree at home, then into an original grocer shop where there were bags of lentils, beans and pulses all around us.

The children then sat on bales of hay and listened to the story of Jesus being born. This was accompanied by an actual real baby to take the part of Jesus, which thoroughly delighted us all, especially the children.

The youngsters were taught in the art of self defence, taking part in sword fighting as Roman soldiers did years ago.

We had drinks from the Inn and whilst sat there we took part in carol singing. The hens must have been curious as to what was happening as the strain of our voices echoed. The sheep outside in the pens must have been wondering what was happening too!

There were books for children and adults alike to read, of stories from the bible, also demonstrations of baking, candle making and so much more, in fact too much to mention it all here.

The sights and smells were absolutely wonderful and the costumes everyone wore were spectacular.

We couldn’t have asked for a better family day out which showed the true meaning of Christmas.

Well done to all involved! Superb!

Brenda Proctor, Normanby Terrace, Whitby by email