A treat to see great talent

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I am writing to congratulate Whitby Area Theatre Company for their fabulous show, Me & My Girl at the Whitby Pavilion Theatre last week.

We laughed and cried at the brilliant performances of the actors, whose singing and dancing held us spellbound! What a treat to see so much talent in our small town.

The costumes transported us back to the tailored aristocracy of 1930s, contrasting with the Cockneys and their flamboyant pearly outfits. The elaborate scenery combined with skilful scene changes were a credit to the stage crew!

By the end of the show we were all singing along to those well - known classics Leaning on a Lamppost and The Lambeth Walk.

Thank you again for a wonderful evening. We look forward to your next show.

Barbara and George Hill, Meadowfields, Whitby