A resident’s view of the town

What planet does Suzanne McDonough live in?

She paints a picture of the town as if it’s heaven. As a resident, here is my view of our town.

Stone built buildings plastered in graffiti which still hasn’t been cleaned off. No decent shops (unless you need a 70s clock or a half set of golf clubs) from one of the numerous charity shops. You can’t even buy a decent DVD or CD or electric appliance unless you go to Harrods, sorry I mean the Co-op. And even then they’re not recent or in stock.

The view of the harbour is infested with seagulls emptying their bowels on passers-by and the scavenging people’s food. She mentioned the ‘spectacular’ opening bridge, which is about as slow as a tortoise carrying heavy shopping and is always broke.

It’s like someone wrote this letter in years ago because in my opinion Whitby’s fast becoming the new Redcar.

Barry Bates, Church Street, Whitby