A question of decency or good taste?

May I commend the Rev David S Cook on this time making public his wish to have “excessive” items removed from graves in Sleights Churchyard (Whitby Gazette 6 April 6).

Unlike the Summer of 2010, when precious items were removed surreptitiously from graves, to the great distress of bereaved families. (Whitby Gazette 23 July 2010)

If there are indeed any items which are inappropriate, then responsibility rests squarely with church authorities for not previously making very clear to the public what may or may not be put on graves.

When my partner was buried at Sleights four years ago, there was absolutely no such information available to the public.

However I am at loss to know what could possibly offend against “decency” in the churchyard as it is now.

I have visited the churchyard daily for four years and have never come across anything remotely offensive, just the opposite.

Sleights churchyard is already a very peaceful place of beauty, grace and dignity.

The atmosphere is totally respectful both to the dead and to the living who visit their graves.

I strongly suspect that what is really in question here is not “decency” but rather, one individuals ideas on what constitutes “good taste”.

Mrs D Simms, Selstone Crescent, Sleights