A poem for Valentine’s Day

I thought you might like to publish the enclosed poem as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

The poem is about a chance meeting in Whitby, April last year, during one of my visits from sweden.

Those few moments meant so much to me that I felt inspired to write about them.

I return to Whitby several times each year. It is an enchanting town that I have loved ever since my first holiday over 50 years ago at the age of four. I will always return.

It feels appropriate to enclose the original copy of the poem rather than mailing. It suits Whitby’s personality much more.

It would be very pleasant to hear from you should you ever decide to share this with your readers.

Susan Gutelid, Sodertalje, Sweden

Hoping ‘if’ does not apply

I wonder how or when I’ll see you again

I hardly recall your face, nor know your name

But smiling eyes and lovely smile

I’ll not forget for quite a while

If ever at all

Yes, I do hope that we meet again

And if we meet no more

I’ll always remember a sunny day

In Whitby by the harbour wall

A dog called Molly and you

And that will be all