A note of warning

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The new ‘4.05 Club’ proposal to organise youth club-style activities on the evening Esk Valley school train sounds a good one.

But as one of the two enablers involved in the provision of computer facilities on the train a few years ago, may I give a note of warning?

The 16:05 out of Whitby is a public train, and particularly as the summer — remember them? — progresses, it fills up with visitors returning home from a day in the town.

In my experience, many of them have forgotten that they were ever youngsters and how it felt to be released from school at the end of the day.

Whilst I don’t condone over-high spirits and anti-social behaviour from the Esk Valley children, there were too often potential conflicts between them and those grumps who believed that children should be sitting on their hands in silence.

Poetry writing?

That might meet with favour.

Film making?

Not sure how that would go down in an over-crowded train.

Rapping sessions?

I can tell you, that’s a big No No!

It’s not as simple as it looks.

Graeme Aldous, Moorsholm by email