A great place to grow old

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The tenants of Abbeyfield Esk Moors Lodge at Castleton will tell you that there is a great deal of difference between “a care home” and their Extra Care flats.

They were dismayed and upset when last week’s Gazette described them as living in a care home (see All Aboard the Heather Hopper).

They are living independently in their fully equipped, own-furnished flats. They have their own front doors and can run their own lives as they want and are able. If care is needed they can access it as can anyone else in the village. They don’t like people to think they have gone into a “home”. This is not the case.

At the Launch I emphasised that the tenants are part of the village community - several aged 80 plus are very active indeed. We oldies in the upper Esk Valley have wonderful opportunities to enjoy ourselves - not only on bus trips but with the myriad activities taking place at The Lodge and in the village halls. It’s a great place to grow old!

I would like to point out that the Heather Hopper bus is owned and run by our local charity Esk Moors Active Ltd who raised the money for the new bus and who work to tackle social isolation and lack of public transport in the valley.

Chris Knapp, Chair, Esk Moors Active Ltd, Lodge Lane, Danby