A good news story

Ben Lomas
Ben Lomas

I just wanted to make you aware of a heart-warming good news story

My name is Andy Lomas and over the Easter period, I spent four days on a short break in North Yorkshire with my wife and two young sons.

During our visit we spent a fantastic day in Whitby, climbing the 199 steps to the Abbey, seeing the whale bones next to the Captain Cook memorial and enjoying our short boat trip on the old Whitby lifeboat.

Without exception, all of the people that we met in Whitby were friendly and helpful, which made our trip all the more enjoyable.

However, we were particularly ‘blown away’ by the kindness of one of the waitresses at the Magpie Cafe, Jane.

By the time we reached the Magpie Cafe both of my sons, Ben (7) and Harry (4) were tired, restless and extremely hungry.

Jane was extremely good - occupying my youngest son, Harry, with pencils and paper and engaging my older son, Ben, in conversation about Whitby Town FC.

Jane had picked up on Ben’s interest in football and the fact that Whitby FC were about to play Burscough, who play close to Ben’s granddad - a fellow football fan.

As we were about to leave the cafe, Jane asked if she could take our address so that she could send Ben a small gift from Whitby Town FC.

We thought nothing more of this, expecting Jane to perhaps forward a sticker or badge.

Instead, a week later, Ben received a Whitby FC replica shirt - how fantastic!

Ben has since followed the fortunes of Whitby FC from his Wigan base - he is a Latics Fan - and was delighted to learn of Whitby FC’s relegation escape.

He hopes that Wigan manage the same feat this season.

Anyway, I just thought that I would share this news item with you - because I thought you would be interested to learn of our positive experience of your town and to recognise that in Jane, you have a fabulous ambassador for Whitby and Whitby FC.

Andy Lomas, Lostock Close, Billinge, Wigan by email