A deserved mention for Summerfield Garage

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Hello, I am writing about the wonderful staff at Summerfield Garage, Hawsker, Whitby.

I was visiting my mum and come all the way from Manchester when I realised my brake lights were all out and as I was leaving Whitby that evening I needed to get them fixed before the long journey home in the dark. I left my car and got a call saying I needed a brake switch, which they didn’t have in stock, but could get the following day.

This was too late as I had to be back in Manchester that evening, so I set off, to collect my car when the garage called me back.

They said they didn’t like the thought of me driving home with no brake lights and it turned out the company van was the same make as my car - they checked the brake switch and it was the same as the one in my car.

They put the part in my car for me. I was so grateful and thought this was extremely kind of them and I think they deserve a mention.

Julie Hawkins, Manchester by email.