A chance to work for the young

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I don’t believe that there is a single person living in Whitby, Scarborough and the surrounding area that would allow a mine or any business for that matter to destroy the national park we live in.

We could instead of blankly rejecting the proposed introduction of this radical new business in the local area push them to innovate new ways to mine with a low impact on the environment, pressure them to resolve the issues the local community have and power Whitby on to the world stage.

What would be purpose of protecting the national park for future generations, if those protected couldn’t enjoy the beauty they bring?

I am currently studying at university with the desire to return having achieved success to work in the area I love living. It seems this development would be a way of allowing local people to stay in the area without adding to the growing number of unemployed. Not only that being given a fighting chance of beating the battle against a constantly over priced housing market.

We have a strong history of industry in the area with a once booming shipping industry in Whitby, allum quarry in Kettleness, iron stone mine in Rosedale and brick works in Grosmont. Over the years this has slowly become diluted but we can once again be a leading force in the global community.

The technology available now opposed to those of the 1970s is incomparable. The impossible is now the possible. We won’t end up having a replica of Boulby, it wouldn’t make rational business sense to build an out dated inefficient mine.

It is now in every businesses interest to become as sustainable as possible. Business and sustainability used to be polar opposites however now they are intrinsically linked and cannot function without each other.

It’s easier for those in a secure position to disregard the needs of those seeking to be in the same place, but don’t forget that to safe guard the same values there need to be young people to pass them onto.

It must be a great feeling knowing that you can enjoy the national parks for the rest of your life; unfortunately I face the seeming inevitability of saying goodbye in search of work a realisation which weighs heavy on my heart.

Adam Smith, Whitby