A balanced view

I would like to appeal to the Gazette to provide a more balanced view to the reporting on the NHS.

I refer to your articles that appeared in your 21 June issue.

I appreciate that in the one instance reported, Rob Freeman received far from adequate treatment at the Scarborough hospital.

It does not necessarily follow that the hospital (as the tone of your articles indicate) has to be portrayed as second rate and therefore to be avoided at all costs. This is most unfair to the hard working, dedicated staff of Scarborough hospital. To adjust the balance could you refer to my story.

I have just experienced excellent first class service following an operation in Scarborough hospital. The surgeon and the theatre staff were exemplary, The nursing staff were friendly and extremely efficient, the wards were clean and the food very good. I acknowledge this is just one experience and therefore cannot be used to support a claim that Scarborough hospital is perfect with no faults.

My operation was cancelled two weeks earlier after I had waited in the reception area from 7.30am until 12.30pm. This was obviously very disappointing and extremely annoying until it was explained that the reason for the cancellation was the fact that the operation schedule had been delayed because the surgeon had to spend more time on an earlier patient. I was happy that the operation had not been rushed in order to meet a pre-planned schedule. This gave me confidence that my surgeon would give me the attention I required. As things turned out that is exactly what happened and my operation over-ran by 30 minutes.

My own experience tells me that there are two sides to every story. I am convinced in my own mind that NHS staff are dedicated, hard-working people who do not go out of their way to make thing awkward for patients deliberately. It therefore falls on the media in to be responsible in its reporting and provide both sides of the argument.

David Marshall, Mayfield Road, Whitby, by email