70th visit to Whitby

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I am writing to congratulate yourself and all the staff at the Whitby Gazette for an excellent local newspaper.

May I also thank all the people of Whitby for being friendly, hospitable and extremely helpful and always making us feel welcome and at home over the last 62 years of visiting Whitby five to six times a year, our children have also made Whitby their main place to visit and relax too.

I myself visited Whitby (according to my mum) two months before been born, which would make this 63 years of visiting Whitby.

My next visit (birthday treat) from our children on 25 November for the weekend will be the 70th visit, our first visit of 2012 is already booked, to introduce our latest family addition, our granddaughter.

Thanks again to all our many friends in Whitby and to all of Whitby, keep it as it is, it is a success.

Barry Heeley, Upper Midhope, Stocksbridge, Sheffield