Youngsters think Whitby is in Wales...

Shaun & Nathan from Doncaster enjoying a pony ride on whitby beach
Shaun & Nathan from Doncaster enjoying a pony ride on whitby beach

Youngsters around the country actually think that Whitby - is in Wales.

Other youngsters think that Whitby is even further away in Cornwalln and also that Newquay is an island.

With the country in a heatwave and people flocking to the coast to soak up the sun the findings of a study by hotel chain Travelodge have been revealed.

It quizzed 2,000 British children aged between eight to fifteen years old. Key findings revealed that despite youngsters taking a regular jaunt to the seaside, they are oblivious to the actual location of Britain’s coastal destinations.

54% admitted they didn’t know where Whitby is, with 17% thinking it was in Wales and 10% believing it was in Cornwall.

Local youngsters involved in the survey didn’t fare as well either.

When asked to identify the location of Brighton, 54% didn’t know where it was.

Almost two thirds (64%) admitted they do not know where the jewel of Cornwall’s crown, St Ives, is located and 20% thought it was in the Caribbean.

When asked where Torquay is 10% thought it was in France.

Bournemouth, one of the nation’s favourite seaside destinations also made the listing, with 30% of young locals not knowing where it is located.

One in ten (11%) believed it was in Scotland.