Young Whitby author has first novel published

Molly Lee
Molly Lee

Young Whitby author, Molly Lee, 24, has her first novel for young people published by Whitby-based Electraglade Press this month.

Molly’s novel, The Star Kin Saga, is a Viking-themed ‘slave saga’ that follows the lives of a brother and sister who are taken by Vikings as slaves from Ireland.

Molly Lee's debut novel, The Star Kin Saga

Molly Lee's debut novel, The Star Kin Saga

The youngsters are taken to an island slave holding station, where they meet other youngsters from around the world, before their shipment to the new country of Thule – now known as Iceland – before being sent to Vinland (which is now America!)

The Star Kin Saga – part one of a three-book saga – is meticulously researched and uses genuine historical events to create an atmospheric and thrilling Viking and Celtic adventure yarn.

Molly, currently of Church Street, Whitby, said: “I’m over the moon to see my book in print.

“I absolutely love history, and researched the story to the very details of the seats and ropes on a Viking ship and Celtic clans.

“My main character, Tara, is an Irish girl with a strange history and mysterious powers – she is reluctantly psychic and can slip into the minds of animals.

“Although not set in Whitby, obviously the Vikings were here – and still are in the gene pool.

“I spent hour after hour, week after week, Whitby library and the museum researching Viking mythology and

Irish history. It was time well spent, as the book was snapped up and now is out there for all to read.”

The Star Kin Saga by Molly Lee is published by Whitby-based Electraglade Press from January 1 – the adventure yarn is available as a paperback book or E-book download via Amazon and book shops.

More details about Molly and her book are available via