Yorkshire BID - needs of Whitby area '˜too great'

First let me say that it is such good news that the Whitby Gazette is still with us.

Thursday, 6th December 2018, 4:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th December 2018, 4:30 pm

It is a vital platform for the local population to share news and, when needed, highlight shortcomings in local government affairs.

None more so than the results of the BID.

A very small turnout and a very small majority within that now lands many small traders with an extra 1.5% on top of their rates.

When shown how the income from this pot is to be spent Whitby businesses will fund 26% on advertising and promotion (not something this town needs), 20% is going in collection and administration, so nearly 50% has gone before we even consider what Whitby actually needs from its share of the pot.

It is not entirely clear who will be the voice of Whitby on this matter and what the limits of what is allowable to be funded are.

We are already seeing towns like Blyth, Hexham and Morpeth rejecting their BIDs as not fit for purpose and the Lincolnshire BID is in great disarray.

This does not bode well for what many have said right from the beginning of our BID, that the geographical area is far too great and different in its requirements.

An interesting but odd process in the counting of the votes took place according to Scarborough Borough Council’s own words, “Postal votes were opened and checked before being put into a locked ballot box”.

Therefore, those in charge of that operation had pre-knowledge of how the vote was going, almost an entrance poll as apposed to an exit poll.

Not a very satisfactory process when you think of the interested parties involved.

John Freeman

Market Place